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Hot Pot ITS with Jo Boring

  • Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation 403 Warren St Hudson, NY (map)

Year three of Hot Pot ITS with Jo Boring and Bridge Street Belly Dance is comin’ for us! Jo is bringing us unique workshops in 2019 with new material that are specifically for the Bridge Street Belly Dance weekend, all focusing on Amy Sigil’s Hot Pot ITS vocabulary.



Review & Refine

Saturday, June 22: 11am-2pm

Rate before May 1: $45 ○ Rate after May 1: $50 ○ (+PayPal fee)

This workshop will focus on the introduction of Level 1 Hot Pot ITS. Come as a complete stranger to the Hot Pot style and leave with new friends. Though perfect for beginners, this class will still have something for everyone - whether it is your first or your tenth time learning Level 1!

Combo Platter

Sunday, June 23: 11:30am-2pm

Rate before May 1: $45 ○ Rate after May 1: $50 ○ (+PayPal fee)

Hot Pot ITS is made up of stall movements, concepts, and you guessed it - combinations! Let's take some of Unmata's fast and slow combos and serve them up on a fabulous platter! There are many types of platters...just like there are many types of ways to cue an ITS combo. With ITS the dance is never the same twice!

Beast Mode

Sunday, June 23: 3pm-5:15pm

We all have an inner dance beast and Hot Pot will bring it right out! Let's rise to the occasion as a team. In this workshop Jo will take some of the ITS concept material that she found the most challenging and exciting and show you some of the beasty magic that can happen when we are ALL IN!

Got finger cymbals? Bring em! (Though, not required)


Rate for entire weekend before May 1: $120 (+PayPal fee)

Rate for entire weekend after May 1: $135 (+PayPal fee)