"I've been taking classes with Francesca for a couple years now. One of the things I appreciate most about her teaching style is her approachability. When I began classes with her, I actually had never taken a dance class before in my life and was honestly terrified, because I had a fear of dancing. I feel like I completely lucked out by choosing her as my first ever dance teacher, because she made the prospect of belly dancing so attainable, even for a total beginner like me. She also keeps classes lighthearted; her goofy personality instantly made me feel like I was taking classes from a friend. I never once felt intimidated or pushed too far.

In her beginner class, she never assumes that a student knows something that she hasn't personally taught them. And in doing so, she helped me build a solid dance foundation to build upon. She often begins class with a really fulfilling meditation and yoga session, and ends the same way.

Her dance style is particularly attractive to me, which isn't something I realized before I was her student. It's pure fusion." -Raema Rotindo, NY

Fusion Belly Dance Student Showcase ● Hudson, NY ● December 2016

Fusion Belly Dance Student Showcase ● Hudson, NY ● December 2016


“I liked that her classes were challenging, but didn't feel impossible. I felt like I could be happy working at my own level and not in competition with anyone else. I especially love her enthusiasm and encouragement. I'm also recovering from a long illness and I was worried I would be lost or not able to keep up, and that was so not the case.

I left her classes each time feeling like I had improved, even if it was a teeny bit, and I always felt super encouraged.” -Anonymous Student, NY



"If you make an effort to see her perform, her proficiency and total dedication to the style is evident, as is her attention to detail. Watching her perform is truly inspiring - it gives me something to work towards!" -Raema Rotindo, NY

“Francesca has a way with creating such smooth beautiful movement along with creating such beautiful lines with her figure. She combines elements of contemporary dance, even ballet and fuse them with tribal elements as well. Her attention to how important facial expression and expression thru her hands as well add passion, drama, and elegance to her performance.” —Clint Elliot, CA